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Requesting a Free Bible

My wife and I retired on a limited budget living in Canada use our savings to buy and ship the Bibles worldwide. We cannot grant all requests and look at each individual request.

When applying for a free bible a few conditions are:

1. Please do not ask for a Bible if you can afford to buy your own. You can buy a good Bible and shipped for under $15.00 for more information here.

2. Our main goal is giving a free Bible to those that are struggling, searching for answers, or are very poor, sick, imprisoned, homeless, desperate or without hope and cannot afford their own Bible.

3. One Bible per household and mailing address only (sorry no P.O. Box numbers).

4. If you do not meet these conditions, below are 10 ways to get a Bible or buy an excellent Bible online at Christian Book. Com for under $15.00 here.

Check out Below at least 10 ways of receiving a Bible.

Request a Free Bible if you have met the above conditions


10 Places you can Get a Bible!

Any Local Church

The absolute best place is your local Church. They will be glad to give you one, just ask for one. Ask at the Church office during the week or ask one of the greeters or ushers for one on a Sunday Service. Most Pastor's have lots of Bible in the lost in found or many extra Bibles in the Church library. It may not be a new Bible, but good churches are not going to deny someone the Word of God. If you just showed up and said you were searching for the truth and wanted a Bible to read, they would give you one. You will be surprised how easy it is. Or you can phone your local Churches first and ask for a free Bible. Encourage you not to be shy to ask.

Buy Bibles for under $15.00 USD Here

Other Ways

To Get A Bible

One of the easiest and possibly very best ways to obtain a free Bible is to ask at a local church.

Ask a Friend - Don’t be shy!

Your Local Library.

Buy at local Christian Book Store or a Second Hand Book Store in your area.

Buy at Wal-Mart or a Dollar Store in your area.

On a budget excellent devotional Bibles to buy for under $15.00 here.

If you obtain a Bible through any of these methods and it is a help to you spiritually, you should write or call the organization that provided the Bible and let them know. They will be blessed to hear of the spiritual help they were to you.

The Bible gives hope, changes lives, and encourages people each and every day. The Word of God is living and active and still applies to us today in our spiritual growth. More about your spiritual growth here.

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