Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth

For New Christians

The foundations for spiritual growth are: Trusting, Read your Bible and Pray every day, attend a Local Church and share the Gospel and you will grow spiritually.

"Trusting Christ as your Savior?"

Trusting Christ as Your SaviourMake Sure You Are Saved? If you have any doubts would recommend our first step to knowing God here.

There is only one requirement for salvation-faith in Jesus Christ. Just believe in Him. That’s all you need to do. You are not saved by belonging to a particular church or denomination; no church saves you! You are not saved if your good works outweigh your bad works; they never will! You are saved only by faith in our Savior Jesus Christ

Have you trusted Christ as your Savior? If so, you are saved, secure in the hand of our Sovereign God. You couldn’t be in a better position. You have taken the first step as a new Christian.

You’ve done it. Stepped over the line and accepted God’s free gift of love and salvation, deciding to become a follower of Jesus Christ. You may feel different, forgiven and ready to start a new life. Or you may feel pretty much the same, but with a whole lot of new questions that come with a decision to do life God’s way. If you are unsure check out, you are not saved by feelings and/or are having doubts, you are saved by Faith in God here.

"Read Your Bible"

Read Your BibleGet into God’s Word daily. You don’t have to dedicate every waking moment to Bible reading, but you should spend time in God’s Word each day. Find a Bible reading plan on our sister website that you can stick to here. Many people read three chapters a day in their Bible to help them read completely through in one year. Instead of reading for a certain number of chapters each day you can choose to read for a set amount of time.

The Bible is God's Word to us. It reveals the plan of God for all of mankind. It reveals the nature of God, the sinfulness of man, the plan of salvation in Christ, the prospects of heaven for the saved, the doom of the unsaved in hell, guidelines for the Christian to follow in order to live and act as they should. It is God's word to us. It is the most important object we have on this earth. 

No matter what step you are in your Christian walk we have 5 free Study Guides sent daily by email for 21 days. More information here.

On our sister website Questions God.Com read more about reading the Bible here or look at our 70 Bible Reading Plans here or our many Bible Study Methods here..

We are to love it, learn it, and then live by it. He will strengthen your faith, speak to your heart, and give you guidance and direction for every need and decision in your life. 
“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Psalms 119:105)

"Pray Every Day"

Prayer is you simply talking to GodWhile reading the Bible is God's way of communicating with us, prayer is our way of talking to Him. You should have a prayer list that you pray for. A few suggested items for daily prayer are your spouse, kids, extended family members and missionary families you know, etc. You can also pray as God brings needs and blessings to your mind. Certainly you can pray at any time or place; but having a dedicated prayer time each day will help you stay connected with the Lord.

Prayer is Vital to Your Spiritual Growth. Take time everyday to get alone with God and pray. This is a good time for your daily devotion in the Bible too. After studying, then you can pray to the Lord. Just be honest and tell God what is on your heart and how you feel and what you desire.
Check out a Scriptural model prayer here.

"Attend a Local Church"

Attend a Local ChurchHave you recently come to Christ as your Savior? If so, it is important for you to start your Christian life right. Now that you have a new life, you need to grow; for growth is as important as birth. What a tragedy it would be if a tiny baby were to remain small all of his life. But it would be equally tragic if you had been born again but never would grow spiritually.

God has given His blessing on the organization of the church. It is the authority which God has established in the life of a believer. The church does not exist to tell an individual Christian what he can and cannot do, rather it was founded by Jesus to give Christians a place where they can serve in the body of Christ and get the spiritual help they need. Reasons why you should go to Church here.

Fellowship with other Christians is one of the things Jesus taught us while he was on the earth. Those who refuse to congregate with other believers are often those who have trouble avoiding temptation in their lives.

Why Go To Church here?

100 Reasons Why you should go to Church here.


Have you been Water Baptised"Water Baptism"

Obedience is a key ingredient to spiritual growth. The first step of obedience after salvation that the Bible teaches is water baptism (Matthew 28:19, 20). This announces to others that you have been saved. Baptism does not save the believer, but baptism is a public identification that the person trusts in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection for their salvation. Jesus was baptized as an example for us (Matthew 3:13-17).

More on Water Baptism here.


"Sharing The Gospel"

Sharing The GospelHow Can You Be An Effective Witnesses for Jesus?
1. Ask God to help you see the world as He sees it, and to lay upon your heart people for who you can earnestly pray for.
2. Live a consistent Christian life each day by the help of the Holy Spirit.
3. Build bridges to others. Build relationships with those needing Christ.
4. Learn the Gospel by memorizing certain verses.
5. Watch for openings and/or make openings to share a word for Christ
6. Leave the results with God.

Much more on sharing the Gospel and your personal testimony on our sister website here.


Serve Others & Give"Serve Others & Give"

Finding a way to be involved in the lives of others is a sure way to grow spiritually. When other people are asking you questions about the Bible you will become more studious of God’s Word. As a Christian who is involved in a local church, there are plenty of opportunities to give to the needs of the church and the needs of others. Besides the fact that the Bible teaches us that everything belongs to God, it teaches the principle of the tithe. The Bible clearly shows that we should support the work of the ministry (1 Corinthians 16:1, 2; 2 Corinthians 9:7), and particularly those who teach us God’s Word (1 Timothy 5:17).

At our sister website Questions God. Com OUR COMPLETE 8 STEPS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH!

Here are a few helpful tips on how to study the Bible and grow spiritually this year. Are you ready? Here goes…

Study a Book of the Bible - If you are new to the Bible or a new Christian we highly recommend starting at the Book of John in the New Testament. We have two study guides on the Gospel of John.

Plan 1 - With the 21 day Bible Reading 5 minutes a day challenge, you'll walk with Jesus through the Gospel of John and engage God's Word on a daily basis. It's as easy as reading a chapter a day here.

SEE THE PLAN DOWNLOAD PDF Print the PDF and keep a copy in your Bible.

Plan 2 - This plan is 21 day Bible Reading 15 minutes a day challenge for new Christians and for those searching and people on the go. Start your day by talking to God, reading the Bible and reflecting on your day. We have created a special series of study guides to go along with your daily reading on Gospel of John sent once a day by email for 21 days on the Gospel of John here.



Bible Study Guides that are relevant, engaging and life-changing — making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future. Use these study guides to improve your understanding of the Bible and strengthen your faith. They are as varied as each individual so you have many to choose from. Consider the following options, but remember to choose one. Regular reading in God's Word is not optional. It's a necessity!

Request any of our free Study Guides here.

  1. 1. God’s Simple Plan of SalvationSearching for Answers – 3 week study guide here.
  2. 2. New Christian Study GuideNew To Christianity – 3 week study guide here.
  3. 3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity GuideNurturing Resources – 3 week study guide here.
  4. 4. The Gospel of JohnKnowing God Better – Personal book study - 3 weeks guide here.
  5. 5. Inspirational Daily DevotionalsEncouraging Spiritual Reflections – daily here.
  6. 6. Monthly Newsletter Christ Centered Information – once a month here.
  7. 7. Personal Evangelism TrainingShare the Gospel – fun creative way here.
  8. 8. Bible Studies – Instructive Resources – connecting you nearer to God here.
  9. 9. Questions & AnswersExploring Spiritual Questions – (Q & A) here.
  10. 10. Life’s QuestionsInterconnecting with today’s Issues here.

Free Study Guides


Use one of our many daily Bible reading plans to easily read Scriptures in a year! Reading the Bible daily is important to grow your faith and hope! They range from two week commitments to year-long commitments, from reading straight through cover to cover, to topical readings, to a mixture of readings each day. Check out our 70 Bible Reading Plans at our sister website Questions God. Com 70 BIBLE READING PLANS HERE.

New to the Bible or New Christians Bible Reading Plans - Each plan is different - Plans 1-12 here.
Blended Bible Reading Plans - Old and New Testament combined daily - Plans 13-17 here.
Classic One & Two Year Plans - From the Beginning Genesis to the end of Revelation in order - Plans 18-23 here.
Chronological One Year Plans - Read the events of the Bible in the order they occurred - Plans: 24-25 here
Genres (Literature) Style One Year Plans - Reading the different Genre types - Plans: 26-27 here
Short Term Reading Commitments - Two week Plans for those with busy schedules - Plans 29 -41 here.
Children's Bible Reading Plans
 - 10 minutes a day for Children and Family Bible Readings - Plans 42-50 here.
Assorted & Diverse Excellent Bible Reading Plans - Variety of Books of the Bible Reading Plans - Plans 51-70 here.

Finding God - What does it take to know God? You can personally begin a relationship with God, right now.

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