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Questions & Answers
Question1 - Difficulty understanding my Bible? Answer Here
Question 2 - Explain John 3:16? Answer Here
Question 3 - How will I know if I am doing the will of God? Answer Here
Question 4 - Who is Jesus Christ? Answer Here
Question 5 - The LIfe of Jesus Christ is a fulfillment of prophecies? Answer Here
Question 6 - Does God Exist? Answer Here
Question 7 - What is the Meaning of Life? Answer Here
Question 8 - How to start a daily reading of the Bible? Answer Here
Question 9 - Is God Real? Answer Here
Question 19 - Why did God create Us? Answer Here



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The New Life
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School of Prayer
Lord teach us to Pray.

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King James Bible Online
King James
Bible Online
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Devotional Guide by Charles Spurgeon
Devotional Guide by C. Spurgeon
Click Here

Precious Promises of God
Bible Promises
Click Here

Prayer Availeth Much by T.M. Anderson
Prayer Availeth
Click Here
God"s Salvation Plan
God's Salvation!
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Questions and Answers
Life's Questions?
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See complete collection Click Here
Free Download of the above on download page
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More Bible Sources
Complete Collection

A. The Holy Bible - King James/American Standard/La Santa Biblia/Latin Vulgate
B. How to Pray -E. Bounds-7 Books on Prayer
C. Andrew Murray Collection with 6 Books
D. Morning/evening Devotional - C. Spurgeon
E. Easton's Bible Dictionary
F. 219 page Precious Bible Promises
G. Nave's Topical Bible
H. Prayer Availeth Much by T. M. Anderson

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7 Powerful Books on Prayer by E. M. Bounds
(Read Online click Read Here)
Essentials of Prayer »Read Here Online
Necessity of Prayer »Read Here Online
Power thru Prayer »Read Here Online
Purpose of Prayer » Read Here Online
Reality of Prayer »Read Here Online
Weapon of Prayer »Read Here Online
Praying Men » Read Here Online

Andrew Murray Collection
The New Life »Read Online
School of Prayer »Read Online
School of Obedience »Read Online
The Lord's Table » Read Online

Absolute Surrender Read Online

Prayer Availeth Much
This dynamic book by T. M. Anderson has titles such as "The Three Essentials of Prayer: -"The Knocking that Obtains an Opening" - "Praying Without Doubting: and much, more!
»Read Online

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Lamentations Micah



If you have a question which you would like to see answered on this page, we would like to hear from you. We will do our best that each question will be answered here.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to study the Bible and grow spiritually this year. Are you ready? Here goes…

Study a Book of the Bible - If you are new to the Bible or a new Christian we highly recommend starting at the Book of John in New Testament. We have two study guides on Gospel of John.

Plan 1 - With the 21 day Bible Reading 5 minutes a day Challenge, you'll walk with Jesus through the Gospel of John and engage God's Word on a daily basis. It's as easy as reading a chapter a day here.

SEE THE PLAN DOWNLOAD PDF Print the PDF and keep a copy in your Bible.

Plan 2 - This plan is 21 day Bible Reading 15 minutes a day challenge for new Christians and for those searching and people on the go. Start your day by talking to God, reading the Bible and reflecting on your day. We have created a special series of study guides to go along with your daily reading on Gospel of John sent once a day by email for 21 days on the Gospel of John here.



Bible Study Guides that are relevant, engaging and life-changing — making your life better now, and giving you a real, solid hope for your future. Use these study guides to improve your understanding of the Bible and strengthen your faith. Consider the following options, but remember to choose one. Regular reading in God's Word is not optional. It's a necessity!

Request any of our free Study Guides here.

  1. 1. God’s Simple Plan of SalvationSearching for Answers – 3 week guide here.
  2. 2. New Christian Study GuideNew To Christianity – 3 week study guide here.
  3. 3. Steps to Spiritual Maturity GuideNurturing Resources – 3 week guide here.
  4. 4. The Gospel of JohnKnowing God Better – Personal book study - 3 weeks here.
  5. 5. Inspirational Daily DevotionalsEncouraging Spiritual Reflections – daily here.
  6. 6. Monthly Newsletter Christ Centered Information – once a month here.
  7. 7. Personal Evangelism TrainingShare the Gospel – fun creative way here.
  8. 8. Bible Studies – Instructive Resources – connecting you nearer to God here.
  9. 9. Questions & AnswersExploring Spiritual Questions – (Q & A) here.
  10. 10. Life’s QuestionsInterconnecting with today’s Issues here.

Free Study Guides


Use one of our many daily Bible reading plans to easily read Scriptures in a year! Reading the Bible daily is important to grow your faith and hope! They range from two week commitments to year-long commitments, from reading straight through cover to cover, to topical readings, to a mixture of readings each day. Check out our 70 Bible Reading Plans at our sister website Questions God. Com 70 BIBLE READING PLANS HERE.

New to the Bible or New Christians Bible Reading Plans - Each plan is different - Plans 1-12 here.
Blended Bible Reading Plans - Old and New Testament combined daily - Plans 13-17 here.
Classic One & Two Year Plans - From the Beginning Genesis to the end of Revelation in order - Plans 18-23 here.
Chronological One Year Plans - Read the events of the Bible in the order they occurred - Plans: 24-25 here
Genres (Literature) Style One Year Plans - Reading the different Genre types - Plans: 26-27 here
Short Term Reading Commitments - Two week Plans for those with busy schedules - Plans 29 -41 here.
Children's Bible Reading Plans
 - 10 minutes a day for Children and Family Bible Readings - Plans 42-50 here.
Assorted & Diverse Excellent Bible Reading Plans - Variety of Books of the Bible Reading Plans - Plans 51-70 here.

Finding God - What does it take to know God? You can personally begin a relationship with God, right now.

Knowing God Personally Here

Next Steps For A New Christian Here

Next Steps For A Christian Here

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